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Do You Have the Look?

The Medic Store is the place for your in-house Medic apparel needs. Our standard inventory includes Medic hats, beanies, t-shirts, and ear warmers.

Looking for specialty items (Polo, Dress Shirt, etc) visit our online store: Please allow 4-8 weeks for specialty items delivery. 

Price List

  • Medic Adjustable Hats: $12.00
  • Medic Fitted Hats: $15.00
  • Medic Trucker Hat: $15.00
  • Medic Cotton Long-Sleeved Shirt: $15.00
  • Medic Cotton Short-Sleeve T-Shirt: $10.00
  • Medic Dry Wick Short-Sleeve T-shirt: $15
  • Medic Beanies: $8.00
  • Medic Ear Warmers: $8.00


To make a Medic Store purchase please see the kiosk in the breakroom at Medic headquarters.  If you would like to purchase specialty from our collection of prior EMS Week gifts, please email, text, or call Lester Oliva at 704-303-0014 or