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The Agency recognizes that sometimes circumstances require employees to be off work for compelling reasons. The Agency will grant leave to employees for good and sufficient reason.

Leave of Absence Guidelines

Revised 2/1/2010

Type of Leave Eligible for Leave Maximum Time
Administrative Leave After first 90 days of employment (In some circumstances may be granted sooner) Up to 30 Days
FMLA *may run concurrently with workers’ comp & disability leaves After 1 year of service with 1250 hours worked prior to leave Up to 12 weeks
Extended Leave – May run concurrently with FMLA, begins after all appropriate benefit leave time has been exhausted. Full time employees may request leave for good and sufficient reason Up to 26 weeks of unpaid time off.
Paid Family Leave *runs concurrently with FMLA FMLA hours must be available Up to 6 weeks

Disaster Leave

As may be necessary or as directed by the Agency

Note: For leave related events, the Agency reserves the right to ask for a completed physical ability assessment and/or be evaluated by a physician (to be approved by the Agency) prior to a full and unrestricted return to duty. Any assessment will be paid for by the Agency.

Medic has adopted the following leave policies:

  • 4.1 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • 4.2 Administrative Leave
  • 4.3 Disaster Response Leave
  • 4.4 Extended Medical Leave
  • 4.6 Military Leave
  • 4.7 Parent-Child School Leave
  • 4.8 Paid Family Leave

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