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Why Medic?

Competitive Compensation

Medic offers competitive compensation packages (starting at $20 per hour for EMTs and $25 per hour for Paramedics and Telecommunicators + more with experience) to include annual performance increases and our Performance Pay Program (up to $3,000 per year).

Relocation Reimbursements, Referrals & Sign-On Bonuses

Paramedics may be eligible relocation reimbursement. Field employees also may be eligible for incremental sign-on bonuses ($1500 for EMTs and $6000 for Paramedics).

Comprehensive Benefits Packages

As a joint governmental agency, Medic employees become a part of the State of North Carolina retirement plan.

Flexible Shifts

Most Agency departments, to include Operations, are structured to work 40 hour work weeks with several shift length options and varying rotations to better suit work-life balance.

EMT – Paramedic Incentive Program

If Paramedic is your career goal and you are currently an EMT, Medic will set you up to succeed! EMTs who sign up for a Paramedic program receive full tuition reimbursement, assistance purchasing books and materials, an automatic 5% pay increase, a $1,250 bonus at the completion of the program, an additional 5% pay increase after completing Paramedic Scope of Practice and another additional $1,250 bonus one year post-graduation. The program also allows Paramedic students extra vouchers for time off to study and will make sure you are working a shift that accommodates your schedule.

Continuing Education

Paramedics, EMTs and telecommunicators are provided continuing education on a monthly basis and are paid overtime for their training hours. Paramedics and EMTs receive above and beyond the continuing education hours required for recertification.


Custom-Designed Ambulances

Medic has over 100 top-of-the-line ambulances, mass casualty vehicles and emergency response assets that are expertly maintained by our own Fleet Department. Ask any crew member and they will likely vote for our Dodge 5500s as their favorite. These beauties are custom-designed from the cab to the patient module all based on employee feedback.

24 Hour Logistic Support

Medic’s Logistics Department works around the clock to stock each truck before deployment and restock after. Logistics also procures all the clinical supplies needed for both Medic and Mecklenburg County first responders, keeping patient care consistent.

State of the Art Facility

In 2018, Medic moved into its new home on Wilkinson Boulevard in Charlotte, just minutes away from the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. The new state-of-the-art facility was built  to improve workflow and efficiency. The campus of Medic headquarters includes an on-site gym, showers, mini-market and other amenities.

Patient Outcomes

Medic ranks consistently among the top EMS agencies in the nation for patient outcomes, particularly for cardiac arrests.

Industry-leading research

Medic leads its own research initiatives and also participates with industry leaders, ultimately contributing to EMS best practices across the globe.

Data-driven improvement

Medic utilizes the Institute for Healthcare Improvement methodology for improvement projects.¬† This work is championed by Medic’s in-house Performance Improvement team that consists of Education, Clinical improvement and Quality Improvement departments.

Career Pathways

No matter what your career you choose, if you join Medic’s team there is a clear pathway of opportunities ahead of you. For example, an entry-level Paramedic has the ability to work towards Paramedic Crew Chief, Field Training Officer, Preceptor, Assistant Operations Supervisor and Operations Supervisor before entering into the Management level. Many of our administrative employees and Leadership team members also began their career at Medic as an EMT, Paramedic or Telecommunicator.

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Paramedic, Full-Time (*6K sign-on bonus!)
Charlotte, NC
EMT - Basic, Full-Time ($1.5K sign-on bonus!)
Charlotte, NC
Budget and Forecasting Manager
Charlotte, NC
Mechanic III
Charlotte, NC
Mechanic II
Charlotte, NC
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Why Live in Mecklenburg County?

Mecklenburg County is not only home to our Queen City (voted one of America’s Top 50 Places to Live!). The greater Charlotte area also encompasses townships of Cornelius, Davidson, Pineville, Matthews, Mint Hill and Huntersville, each with a personality of their own. The County is situated on the border of South Carolina and is known for countless trails and outdoor adventures, locally owned businesses – especially breweries and unique eateries – top notch school systems, and plenty of friendly faces.


How do you become an EMT? How do shifts at Medic work? For these answers and more check out a list of our FAQs here!

Career FAQs

Patient Protocols

Wondering how our patient care is different than other agencies? Medic’s protocols are developed by the Agency’s Medical Director and approved by the Agency’s Medical Control Board. The protocols are updated continuously, informed by the Agency’s extensive clinical research and industry best practices. See ALS or BLS protocols.

Mecklenburg EMS Agency is compliant with the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) for healthcare workers related to COVID19. All employees must adhere to the Agencies policies regarding Infectious Disease including COVID-19 vaccination.