In an effort to broaden the availability of information pertaining to stories involving Medic or Medic personnel, the following protocol has been initiated by Medic’s Public Relations Department. Your cooperation in following this protocol is very much appreciated, and should lead to a greater availability of useful information in a shorter period of time.

Between the hours of 6:00 am and 9:00 pm, all MEDIC related inquiries must be made directly through:

@Medic911PressTwitter is the preferred method. 

**Members of the press are encouraged to use Medic's private Twitter feed, @Medic911Press.  Upon requesting to join, news media will have access to current, late-breaking information on a regular and continuous basis.**



Between the hours of 9:00 pm and 6:00 am, an incident related inquiry may be made into Medic’s CMED call center at 704.943.6238, under the following guidelines:

  • No media calls will be taken until 15 minutes after an emergency call is dispatched. Please respect this request and hold your team accountable for it.
  • CMED Supervisors are likely to be coordinating the emergency response to a serious incident. The patients and the Medic crews in the field are their first responsibility. If the CMED Supervisor fails to pick up the Media hotline, please be patient and try back again in 5 minutes.
  • The exception to this contract would be if a major, mass casualty incident occurs in Mecklenburg County such as a plane crash, bus crash, large scale multi-vehicle accident, natural disaster, act of terrorism, etc. During such an event, Medic's PR Department will absolutely be in the field and available directly to the media by CELL PHONE regardless of the time of day.

Additonal Points

  • Whenever possible Medic’s PR Department will proactively respond to incidents in the field that are known to be of higher level interest to the media. When photos are released from the Medic PR team via email or @Medic911Press, this information can be used by your team any way you see fit, and hopefully this quick response strategy will help you with breaking news type stories. All we ask in return is for Medic to be specifically recognized by name in any story you run where we are involved.
  • Due to strict HIPAA regulations and personal privacy laws, Medic will not provide any information that could identify a patient*. The information we will provide will be general in nature, limited to the number of people involved, the emergency response assets on scene, the patient’s condition en route to the hospital, and what facility any patients are being taken to.
    • *This also means that Medic cannot respond to incident requests with specific addresses. To ensure timely responses, please inquire with the street name, block number & street, or intersection location.
  • Any stories that your organization is working on where a Medic comment is warranted must be authorized by PR Team. All interview requests must be submitted to a member of the PR Department. On scene interviews should be limited to a member of Medic's PR Department, or to a ranking member of Medic’s Operation Team, identifiable by their white shirts and gold badges.