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Medic is excited to announce the launch of our accelerated paramedic program with the support of Central Piedmont Community College and the Center for Prehospital Medicine. This program is a vital initiative aimed at EMT career advancement.

Check out these Incentives!

  • Upon successful paramedic upgrade you will receive a $1250 bonus!
  • One year after paramedic upgrade you will receive another $1250 bonus!
  • OT is available as long as you are in “good standing” in the program
  • DNS option if on your regular shift with regular partner
  • Tuition Reimbursement or Tuition Assistants up to $1500

Pending budget approval, the goal is for those accepted to the program to be paid for their time in class!

A - Z Process

To apply, complete the online application and upload a formal letter of interest in the UKG Pro recruitment portal by April 19th

Steps to apply once at UKG Pro

  • Login to “My Medic”.
  • Click on “Payroll Portal”.
  • Login with your Medic email address and your current password.
  • Click on “Menu” in the top left corner of the UKG homepage, then “Myself”, and “View Opportunities”.
  • From this screen, you can apply to the jobs listed…
  • …or upload your resume or other documents by clicking on “My Presence” and creating your own personal profile for hiring managers to review.
  • Please refer to the “Learning Center” on the UKG Homepage if you have any questions.

Step Two - Apply to CPCC


Apply here



Step 1: Contact us so we can help determine where you left off when you previously were a student at Central Piedmont.

Step 2: Regain access to your Central Piedmont account and email.

Step 3: Meet with your advisor and register for classes.


Student Success Navigators

P: 704.330.2722




To transfer credits from a previously-attended institution, with an international evaluation, or from the military to Central Piedmont, have an official copy of all transcripts sent to the Central Piedmont Student Records office. Central Piedmont accepts official transcripts sent electronically, by mail, or brought in person.  Transcripts that are mailed in or brought in person will only be accepted if they are sealed; once a transcript is opened, it is no longer official.



For most high schools and colleges, you can do an online search for the name of the school and the word “transcripts” to access a form to have your transcripts sent electronically. When the form asks for the institution to send the transcripts to, select Central Piedmont Community College.



There is no charge for a college transcript evaluation at Central Piedmont, but international transcript evaluators do charge to translate and evaluate transcripts. Usually there is a 24–48 hour turnaround time for transcript evaluations. If you receive transfer credit, you will receive an email at your Central Piedmont email address once your transcript evaluation is complete. You can view the transferred courses and for which Central Piedmont courses you received credit as a result of your transcript evaluation in MyCollege under “Transcript.” All transferred courses will appear on your transcript with a grade of “TR.” Transfer courses do not impact financial aid.

Step Three - Apply to The Center for Preshospital Medicine (CPM)

Apply here

*This will require a Google account for sign-in

Attach all required transcripts, test results, and certifications to the application packet — it is your responsibility to provide all necessary documents, as the EMS Education program does not have access to any transcripts.

Step Four - Anatomy and Physiology (A+P) Requirement

**NOTE this might not apply to each applicant. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to follow the steps below to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. CPCC admissions will make the final determination if a student has successfully completed an applicable A&P course.


Step 1 – After applying to CPCC, get a transcript evaluation as quickly as possible.

A&P Exemptions TYPICALLY applies to applicants who have the following:

  • Hold a 2 or 4 year degree, that included a Human Anatomy & Physiology course requirement. Typically involved 6-8 credit hours
  • Previous college student without a degree, and successfully completed a Anatomy & Physiology course (5 – 8 credit hours) with a C or greater grade, within the last 10 years.


Step 2 – If you haven’t taken a Human Anatomy & Physiology course, or CPCC does not accept transcript courses, CPCC requires that students complete ONE of the following Anatomy and Physiology course before starting Paramedic coursework.

  • (Option 1) BIO- 163: Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • (Option 2) BIO- 165 & 166: Anatomy and Physiology I & II (Must complete both sections)
  • (Option 3) BIO- 168 & 169: Anatomy and Physiology I & II (Must complete both sections)

Due to the time constraints, it is best for students needing A&P to take Option 1, the BIO-163 course. This course can be completed online and before the paramedic coursework begins in August.

Options 2 and 3 takes two semesters to complete.


CPCC is offering two sessions of BIO 163

Registration Opens April 15th

  • Online Session May 17 – July 16
  • In-person Session May 17 – June 17   T/R 9:30 – 1120 (Lab)  T/R 12:15- 13:15 (Lecture)

Check-in with your academic advisor before registering.

Register: You can register online in MyCollege.

Important Dates

Timeline subject to change. (Updated 3/27/24) 

March 26
MEDIC Applications OPEN

April 15
A&P Course Registration Opens

April 19
MEDIC Application CLOSES

April 30

May 19
CPCC A&P Registration CLOSES

May 23
Medic Assessment Center Invitations

Mid May 
MEDIC Paramedic School Assessment
CPCC/CPM Paramedic School Assessment

First Week in June
Assessment Center

Mid-Late June
Acceptance letters go out for MEDIC and CPCC/CPM

MEDIC Shift Bid

Late July
A&P Course Ends

Paramedic School Orientation and school starts


Need additional information? Check out FAQs

Contact Us

To learn more about the program, contact CPCC below.