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Mr. Devandry and his wife recently moved to North Carolina. The stresses of a move, new job and overall new environment are expected, so Mr. Devandry didn’t worry about his heartburn. Finally, after a few days, the pain was unbearable and 911 was called. Once on the phone with emergency medical dispatcher, Brandy Pender, it was quickly suspected that it might be more than heartburn. Cornelious Volunteer Fire Department and Medic units were dispatched to provide further care. Brandy provided instructions to Mrs. Devandry to provide medical care. Paramedics Jose Gonzalez, Roger Gomez, and Cornelious VFD arrived to provide patient care. Using their training, cardiac monitor, and years of experience, the team was able to determine that Mr. Devandry was experiencing a heart attack (STEMI). Mr. Devandry was taken to Novant Presbyterian to get advanced cardiac treatment. Medic’s were able to send the ECG, administer medication, start IV’s and notify the staff at the hospital of the situation. This teamwork between EMS and  the hospitals saves time, heart tissues, and improves patient outcomes.