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Hello everyone,

I hope you’re well and staying warm. We have some exciting news! A pilot study, Treating Respiratory Emergencies in Children Feasibility Study (T-RECS), was just awarded funding from the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development ( The aims are to (1) develop and produce a prehospital checklist for a treatment bundle (ipratropium, albuterol and dexamethasone) in high acuity pediatric asthma patients and (2) determine if immediate administration of the treatment bundle reduces hospital/ICU admission rates. Before enrollment occurs we need to do community consultation, with that we’ll need 50 surveys (Mecklenburg Co. residents) and 5 interviews (Parents who are Mecklenburg Co. residents) completed.

Here is the link to the survey: Additionally, if anyone knows of other community groups who meet regularly, we would appreciate their contact information so we can offer to present to their group. We are interested in a variety of responses and opinions.

So far we have 37/50 surveys and 4/5 interviews completed.

We would love to hear your thoughts!