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Major incidents can occur at any time and any place.  The Special Operations Division was created by MEDIC to help manage the Agency’s specialized assets and provide prehospital emergency medical care in non-traditional environments such as multiple patient incidents, special events, and specialized law enforcement operations.

Special Operations Technicians

Responsible for maintaining the Agency’s Mass Casualty response when and where our patients need us, the Special Operations Technicians respond the Agency’s Mass Casualty Unit and Mass Casualty Buses to incidents where multiple patients could be encountered.  They also maintain the fleet of Utility Vehicles that are utilized at special events.

Special Operations Medics

The Special Operations Medics work with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies providing prehospital emergency medical care during specialized law enforcement operations.  Paramedics operating in this unique prehospital environment face many challenges that cannot be resolved utilizing standard medical protocols.  They have been trained to be prepared to deal with limited resources, delayed transport, and a higher occurrence of penetrating injuries.  Members work with Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT) Teams, Bomb Squads, and Field Force Teams during incidents.

Airport EMS Teams

With around 45 million passengers per year traveling through the Charlotte Douglas International Airport the Airport EMS Teams are ready to respond and provide prehospital emergency medical care when and where our patients need us inside the terminal or onboard an aircraft at a gate.  These teams utilize specially designed carts in the terminal to transport patients to an awaiting ambulance when definitive care is needed.