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Due to the extensive construction at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Medic crews responding to the airport and asked to access the airfield via Field Gate 80 have had significant trouble locating the access point to the gate. Please use the following route to access Field Gate 80 on Rental Car Rd. Please use caution in the area.

  •      Access the airport from either Josh Birmingham Parkway
    or Wilkinson Blvd.
  •      As you are heading to the terminal the road splits to
    the right for Old Dowd Rd. The signage will read Long Term 1, Airport Exit,
    Terminal Delieveies
  •      Go to the roundabout and take your second right on
    Rental Car Rd.
  •      Travel Rental Car Rd. through the construction area until you see a sign that says, GATE 80 ACCESS.
  •      Pass the GATE 80 ACCESS sign and turn right for the gate entrance. A member of the Airport Operations Team will meet responding crews to escort them onto the Airfield.