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Meet Dr. Keegan D. Bradley, the latest to serve alongside Dr. Swanson in Medical Direction for our Agency! 

Where are you from? Born in Denver, CO but raised in Houston, TX

 Where did you go to medical school? Texas A&M University

 Where did you do residency? John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, TX

 What led to your decision to focus on emergency medicine? I enjoy the fast pace, quick decision making, and variety of patients that emergency medicine requires. This specialty above all also embraces the idea of medicine everywhere, and we pride ourselves in being able to help someone in almost any situation. We never say a patient is “not in our specialties scope” and we are the only ones who are willing to care for: Any patient, anytime, anywhere.

What kind of hands on training have you had with operational and disaster medicine? During my ODM fellowship I had multiple opportunities to apply what I had learned as both an EM resident and fellow in many unique settings.

  1. In the Bahamas following hurricane Dorian I had the chance to serve as the on-site medical operations chief for the relief operation. My team and medical support system utilized 8 providers to care for approx. 70 Team Rubicon volunteers, as well as native Bahamians seeking care on the isolated islands.
  2. I was able to help design and supervise our hospitals COVID-19 emergency department expansion and external triage system
  3. I deployed to Kayenta, AZ in the Navajo Nation as part of the medical relief effort to assist during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was able to help serve as the on-site medical operation lead as well as EM physician in the Kayenta Health Center ED.
  4. I also received, and got hands on training in multiple federal disaster training courses including: Incident command, CBRNE, Explosives, etc.

What deployments have you experienced? Bahamas, Navajo Nation, Charlotte COVID response, Anniston AL

What attracted you to the CMC fellowship with MEDIC? The fellowship program here offers the wide range of opportunities that I was looking for in a program. It ties this variety of experiences, with a robust experience to serve as a core member of a very busy urban EMS system within a rapidly growing population. I felt this was important, as I wanted to be part of a fellowship that would prepare me to competently and effectively plug into almost any EMS system in the future.

What are the responsibilities of Medic’s EMS fellow? The EMS fellow serves multiple roles to include: Assistant Medical Director, ED physician at CMC, educator, field provider, student, mentor, and representative of MEDIC itself.

What are you most excited for when you think about the future of EMS? I am excited about the constantly changing field, and how compared to many other medical fields it is still relatively young as a formal specialty. This means there is still plenty of opportunity for young EMS providers such as myself to not only be a part of the field, but also help to shape it moving forward.

What are your plans after completing the fellowship? To be honest I think my biggest challenge at this point is trying to pick one role. I enjoy so many aspects of EMS, but realize unfortunately you can’t have them all to the degree you desire. I currently have a strong interest in Tactical EMS as well as Disaster operations. Prior to coming to North Carolina, I had decided while in Dallas I was going to serve as one of the physicians for the Dallas Police Department, as well as become one of the medical specialists for Texas Task Force-1. I am coming into this fellowship year with an open mind to all opportunities however, and am excited to see what other roles I can play, and possibly pursue in the future.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I get cabin fever very easy. If I am not in the ED or at work, you can typically find me exercising or getting in some outdoor activities in the mountains. The Olympic White Water Center here offers a great opportunity to get to do a lot without having to drive hours into the mountains.

Who is your favorite sports team? Texas A&M Aggies. I have and always will be a loyal Aggie and will always support them as part of the original 12th man.

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