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For two fiscal years in a row, Medic has focused on three strategic objectives.

  1. Improve the value of our services
  2. Identify and reduce waste (of time, resources, and money)
  3. Utilize the new workspace to improve the employee experience

The Human Resources department contributed to all three of these strategic objectives while working on one project.

Employees from Human Resources, Education, and Quality Improvement (with the help of many more) directed improvement efforts on eliminating waste, improving value, and utilizing the new workspace to the assessment center.

After conducting several Kaizen events, and running PDSA (plan – do- study – act) tests on several aspects of the assessment center the team improved several processes to meet our objectives.

  1. Limiting the spaces used for the assessment center – Utilizing new workspace, candidate assessments now happen entirely on the first floor of the administration offices. This means candidates don’t get lost, and our work spaces stay secure. It also reduces the overall time needed to complete an assessment.
  2. Using color coded signs and arrows – This also helped candidates find their way to their stations more quickly, and without the aid of a guide. This helped save time and money by moving candidates through all of the stations more easily
  3. Changing the dress code – This simple step of asking candidates to dress in business casual clothes saved LOTS of lost time in waiting for candidates to change from formal business attire, to exercise attire for the MedPat.

There were many other smaller changes that contributed to the reduction of waste of time and money in the assessment center. All combined, the new, streamlined processes reduce the amount of time and space, while increasing value to our employees and candidates.

This is an excellent example of how working together, we can make many small changes that lead to big improvements for everyone! Questions about this project? Email 

What is Kaizen?

A business philosophy or system that is based on making positive changes on a regular basis, as to improve productivity.

An approach to one’s personal or social life that focuses on continuous improvement.