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AHA MOMENTS - Ronnie cunningham (logistics manager)

Over the last six months, yes it has been six months since COVID struck, we’ve had many “AHA” moments.  Not just when Coca-Cola delivered 650 cases of delish AHA, but when we realized life in Logistics would forever change.   

AHA Moment #1:  COVID was more than breaking news. On March 2 we donned our Elmer Fudd hats and started hunting PPE.  PPE was not only hard to find but getting expensive. The price increase was often 3 to 5 times more. A surgical mask that used to cost .22 cents was now .75 cents to $1.00 more. Rebecca and I scratched our heads in disbelief.  

AHA Moment #2:  Who Moved My Cheese? Change is real. Have you every met some that loves change? Yeah, me neither. COVID not only caused us to change but in many cases daily. Covid caused us to change in order to survive. In a land of plenty it was no longer. We reduced how many N95s, surgical masks, and gowns we used for each call so that we had enough until the next shipment. Everything from a new IDK bin to how many gowns go in the bin. Some changes came so fast that Logistics was spinning. The OSTs made it happen and never missed a beat. They did task sheets to make sure all units had the proper items and kept us informed when we missed something. OSTs are truly the oil that keeps the Logistics machine running.

AHA Moment #3:  People Care, Our Community Cares. They came out the wood work with everything from masks to hand sanitizer and even some funny face cream. Companies like Coke and Lowes came out in a big way with AHA and water donations.  

In baby news...

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