Premium Only Plans

As a participant in our benefit plans, you enrolled in the tax savings available through our Premium Only Plan (POP).   The Premium Only Plan saves you money each paycheck by allowing us to pay your insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis, lowering your taxable income and in turn increasing your take-home pay.
To continue this arrangement, you do not have to do anything; your premiums will remain pre-tax through the Premium Only Plan as long as you remain eligible.

If you choose to opt out of this benefit offered through the Premium Only Plan, you must complete an Election Not to Participate form (available in the Human Resources Department) before the beginning of each new Plan Year, July 1st.  

You only have the opportunity to change your election mid Plan Year if you have a Change in Status, Human Resources has additional information and the required form for this option.
The Premium Only Plan has no cost for you and increases your take home pay by lowering your taxable income; we encourage all employees to elect the pre-tax option.  

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact any member of the Human Resources Department at 

Please click here for the Summary Plan Description for the Premium Only Plan (POP).