Tom McCann

On February 6th, 2012, cardiac arrest survivor Tom McCann was reunited with Paramedic Crew Chief John Fisher and Driver’s Education Instructor John Potts. Mr. McCann suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed while speaking with his daughter’s driver’s education instructor outside Providence High School in August 2010. That instructor, John Potts, initiated CPR (an action that likely saved Mr. McCann’s life).

Medic was called and quickly arrived on scene. Code Cool was initiated and Mr. McCann was rushed to the cath lab at CMC Main. During the patient reunion, Mr. Potts was given a Lucky Hearts Award for his quick thinking and bystander intervention. Paramedic John Fisher went one step further to thank Mr. Potts for his involvement, by taking off his own ROSC pin, and giving it to Mr. Potts in honor of his heroic efforts.

Mr. McCann, a husband and loving father of five children, reports that he has since made a full recovery because of the quick actions of Mr. Potts and the Medic crew.

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