Many reasons why we faint.

January 20th, 2015 

Mrs. Capps reached out to us to have the opportunity to meet the crew that helped her when she fainted while she was paying at register at the hair salon. Paramedic Tiffany Nash and EMT Michael Schmidt provided excellent patient care and transported Mrs. Capps to the hospital. Mrs. Capps life changed after that day. Mrs. Capps was eventually diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and was successfully treated.

This incident happened 3 years ago and Mrs. Capps quit smoking, became certified as a Professional in Human Resources and was able to continue to create loving memories with her husband and young son. We are honored to have been there to help her in the beginning of her journey.

Please join Medic and Mrs. Capps in congratulating Paramedic Tiffany Nash and EMT Michael Schmidt on an outstanding job!

We would also like to extend a special thank you to the Charlotte Fire Department, and the hospital staff of Carolinas Medical Center for their assistance and successful teamwork in helping to treat Mrs. Capps. Mrs. Capps positive outcome is just another example of Medic's effective community partnerships at work.

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