Bob Seitz

Medic had the privilege to welcome a former cardiac arrest patient who wanted to thank the crew who saved his life. On Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 a crowd of Medic employees gathered in the Medic Auditorium to hear about the Agency’s recent success with cardiac arrest saves. Medical Director Dr. Swanson outlined the progress the Agency has made throughout the past 3 years that has led to an outstanding 49% Utstein Survival Rate as of November 2012. This includes the continued commitment to the Focused Cardiac Arrest Protocol.

Former patient Bob Seitz was there to be a living example of the success of that protocol, the partnerships with first responders and the Agency’s commitment to patient care. Mr. Seitz went into cardiac arrest while sitting at his desk at work in July 2012. Paramedic Crew Chief Susan Pollich, EMT-B Scott Blair, Operations Supervisor Don Overcash and Charlotte Fire Department James Killian detailed how difficult a save it was because of the small amount of space in which they had to work inside Mr. Seitz’s office cubicle. The crew also praised the office and building staff for directing the crew to Mr. Seitz’s side and clearing the room to make sure no one would interfere with their work. Mr. Seitz was defibrillated six times and Code Cool was initiated. He has since returned to work and is living a better quality life than before he went into cardiac arrest.

Susan Pollich credits the incredible team work between CMED Telecommunicator Veronica Davis as well as the Agency’s first responder partners at the Charlotte Fire Department for helping the call be a success.

Before he went into cardiac arrest Mr. Seitz was the only person in his office trained in CPR. Since then, his office has sent 50 people to CPR training and purchased 2 AEDs for their building.

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