Special Events Team

Whenever there are crowds, Paramedics know that there will be calls.  Unfortunately, the very nature of a crowed event makes it difficult for a Paramedic in an ambulance to quickly reach a patient.  Medic’s Special Events Team solves this problem by utilizing specially equipped Kubota Utility Vehicles that have been retrofitted with specialized body to allow room for extra equipment and a stretcher.  These vehicles are ideal for transporting a patient out of a crowded event to a waiting ambulance.

The team operates at events throughout Mecklenburg County such as Speed Street, CLT pride, and other events where the footprint limits the ability for an ambulance to reach an incident.  This benefits not only the people attending and event but also the public at large as fewer ambulances are drawn away from the EMS System to answer calls at a single event.

To schedule staff for your event please go to https://www.medic911.com/event-coverage/dedicated-coverage.  For additional information on available dedicated event services please contact M. W. Stanford at events@medic911.com, (704) 943-6230.