As a provider, you may be asked to attend a court hearing, deposition, and/or simply speak to an attorney about a patient or scene. All such requests should come through Risk and Safety. If at any time you receive a Medic related request for deposition, subpoena, a request from an attorney, or any patient/scene related requests, please connect with a member of the Risk and Safety Department.

The Subpoena Process

  • Subpoenas are hand-delivered or faxed to the Risk and Safety Department.  If an employee receives a subpoena at his/her home address, they must provide it to the Risk and Safety office for processing.
  • If a subpoena is delivered that requires the signature of the issuer, the Risk and Safety Specialist will sign for the subpoena and issue it to the employee.
  • The Risk and Safety Specialist will process the subpoena and send the subpoena packet directly to the employee through email.  A second notification will be sent via alpha page.
  • The Risk and Safety Specialist will file the subpoena and the employee will attend the court date.
  • Once the employee has attended the court date and met all obligations within the subpoena, the employee must send a time card to the Risk & Safety Specialist for payment processing.
    • While the records are in your custody, it is your responsibility to maintain the security of these records and they are only to be shared with the court system.    Upon completion of the trial, the employee is to permanently delete the email in Outlook.  Failing to do so could result in a HIPAA/Privacy Rule violation. 
  • If an employee has questions regarding the subpoena, they may contact our ADA court liaison, at (704) 805-7962, the attorney’s office that sent the subpoena (contact information will be on the subpoena), or Medic’s Risk and Safety Specialist at (704) 943-6164.

The on-duty Supervisor will arrange changes to schedules/questions about schedules for court days/times.

Click Subpoena Policy and Procedure for the Subpoena Policy and Frequently Asked Questions.