Mint Hill

Director of Operations, Dr. Jon Studnek and Operations Manager, Corinne Walser strategize additional call volume for the Mint Hill transition. 


Mint Hill ambulance services transitioned to Mecklenburg EMS Agency (Medic) in August 2019.  However, with any change, there will understandably be questions. Please take a few minutes and review the most frequently asked questions below.

Serving the citizens of Mint Hill and all of Mecklenburg County is priority one for Medic. If you have additional questions or concerns, please email


1. Why is Mint Hill transferring ambulance services to Medic?

Due to the population growth in the area and their inability to recruit paramedic staff,  Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department (MHVFD) found it necessary to completely turn over all ambulance service responsibilities on to Medic.  The transition gives Mint Hill citizens reliable access to over 400 care providers and a fleet of over 109 emergency response assets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The MHVFD will continue to be first responders to both medical and fire emergencies.     

2. Will ambulance transport rates change?

No, Medic sets the EMS rates countywide, and there will be no additional charge as a result of this transition.

3. What will happen to MHVFD employees?

All employees who are locally credentialed at the paramedic level in Mecklenburg County will have an opportunity to transition to Medic if they choose.  Any others will have an opportunity to go through Medic's standard application process. 

4. How will Medic handle the extra workload?

We are currently evaluating additional shifts for the increased demand.  Medic will resource additional units and adjust deployment strategies.  Data suggests that adding Mint Hill will result in an average of 11 additional calls per day.  Medic currently responds to an average of approximately 410 calls per day for Mecklenburg County.

5. Should we worry about response times?

No. Medic uses historical data to predict call volume. This data is then used to place ambulances in high-volume locations so we are able to respond when and where our patients need us.  Mint Hill will now be a part of this strategic approach, which has consistently resulted in excellent response times.  Last fiscal year, Medic responded to life threatening calls within 10 minutes and 59 seconds 91% of the time, as contracted and audited by Mecklenburg County.   

6. Will our quality of service go down?

No.  Medic is currently responsible for the EMS system of care in all of Mecklenburg County, including the town of Mint Hill.  Medic care providers produce patient outcomes among the best in the nation, and this is the same level of care Mint Hill residents can expect. Therefore, the quality of service will also be consistent.  Medic continues to provide MHVFD employees Medical Director oversight, clinical protocols, continuing education, and system performance criteria. 

7. How familiar is Medic with Mint Hill?

Medic currently responds to emergencies in Mint Hill when MHVFD requests assistance.  In addition, Medic provides dispatch services for both EMS and fire-related calls in Mint Hill along with medical oversight for MHFVD employees (as described in number 7).  We also use state-of-the-art mapping software to further ensure our ability to navigate crowded roadways and find rural locations without delay.