Dispatch – Retiree, Angela Breeden-Alvarez


Copy for Grace. Something about the retirees….

  1. How many years did you work for Medic? I worked at medic for 10yrs.
  2. What was one of your best memories at Medic? So many good ones but I’m going to pick the one that I’m most proud of accomplishing. In-service training 4/18 in which Vocal Cord Dysfunction, a disorder that would lead to my medical retirement, was covered and gave me comfort in knowing that others like myself would get the best care from our agency. 
  3. What do you miss the most? The people! The camaraderie and of course the crazy calls. Retired over 2yrs and still prefer nights over days.
  4. The day after you left Medic: what did you do? Sat shocked! Honestly, lots of different emotions ran through me for about the first week. 
  5. What hobby did you pick up after retirement? Hobby? Does mentoring a high school technology club count? I’ve enjoyed being able to learn all about technology. I’ve enjoyed traveling with the club to various competitions. It’s been so rewarding to see these young minds at work. Granted I typically enjoy the Biomedical technology project the most.
  6. What new things on the horizon for you, now that you’re retired? I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do or what I would really enjoy doing. I still have the technology club to mentor until July 2023. Otherwise, I’ve recently started the perfect part-time job taking care of the sweetest elderly lady with dementia. Every day is an adventure!