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IT Questions: 704-943-6111

Documentation Issues: Call 704-943-6226 to speak to an OA

IT has new tool called GoToAssist which allows them to remote into your tablet and troubleshoot your issues. 

This page will be updated in real-time as solutions and problems are reported.

New Software Update being released on  9/26/19. Click here for details


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​EKG Videos


Helpful Tutorials

All tablets will have a file on the Start menu called “FAQ” that can be accessed by double clicking it. This will open a local page with instructions and steps on various issues you may come across. We encourage all users to look at this FAQ for answers to common questions. The document can be searched by using the key combination of “Ctrl F” for easy searchable words and quick access to specific topics. 

How do I change out tablets and not lose my unfinalized tickets?

Menu>File>Exit>”Yes” to exit>Yes to unfinalized tickets

This could be previous calls not deleted (duplicate cad/accident opens). When signing in to new tablet, you must wait approx. 1-2 min and the tickets will appear.


Where do I enter patient belongings?


GeTac Batteries

If you experience difficulties inserting or removing the battery, check to make sure the battery pull tab slide is in the correct position.

Supporting Documents

Bluetooth Pairing Process

Bluetooth Trouble Shooting


Issues Resolved

Bluetooth **RESOLVED**

IT is ready to deploy a new Bluetooth USB dongle on the tablets that will correct the Bluetooth issues we have been encountering:

Power Door Hatches & Soft Handle Clips **RESOLVED**

My tickets disappeared!
If you restart the tablet and log in and your tickets are not visible see below:

1.  Please ensure you close the Siren application properly and select "No" when asked if you want to delete unfinalized tickets so that your tickets show up when you log back in.  

2.  Finalized tickets have pushed to the server like they are supposed to (you no longer delete)

3.  If they were un-finalized tickets – go to Menu>CAD List>Show All>and chose the correct ePCR to apply the CAD data to. 


How do I pair my tablet and monitor? ***PLEASE DO SO AT THE BEGINING OF YOUR SHIFT**


With Siren off, paring is done the same way as it always has been.

1. Turn monitor on and tablet on.

2. On the monitor, press the check mark.

3. Select “Other”.

4. Select “Bluetooth Devices”.

5. Select “Add Device”.

6. After your device is located, attempt to pair. Passcode can be whatever you choose; you just have to enter the same thing on the tablet that you entered on the monitor. 

7. On the bottom right corner of the Getac, click “Add device” pop up.

8. Add the same pair code, as used in step 6, then click “Allow”.

9. Select “File transfer” on the monitor.

10. Acknowledge “Test Passed”.

Paired! Good Job!                                  


My EKG transfer is taking too long! **Resolved**

The 12-lead EKG transfer is now taking 4-5 minutes.  IT will be testing out a new bluetooth hardware to resolve this issue. More to come!

My login credentials are not working!  **RESOLVED**
For security purposes, login instructions were emailed to you directly.  Call 704-943-6111 if you are having trouble. 

My screen resolution messes up when I switch to tablet mode!  **RESOLVED**
Please call 704-943-6111