EFFECTIVE DATE: 3/1/2004.  Change 7/1/2005; 8/15/2007; 11/02/2022


Purpose: To provide financial and in-kind assistance for needy Agency employees in the event of personal or family crises, hardship beyond the employees’ control, emergency situation, or disaster.

Policy: Agency employees who suffer a Qualifying Hardship are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Employee Benevolent Fund.  Each Agency employee is eligible for maximum assistance of up to $1000.00 per every other rolling calendar year.  The purpose of the Fund is to provide for payment of basic needs such as food, clothing, housing (including repairs), medical care and funeral expenses caused by a Qualifying Hardship.  The Fund is not intended to provide assistance with discretionary or luxury expenses.  Employees will be required to substantiate the need and document a Qualifying Hardship.  The employee must demonstrate steps taken to mitigate the hardship or situation.

Eligibility: This Fund is intended for the benefit of any Agency employee who is in good standing, and their immediate family only.  “Good Standing” is any employee that has at least 90 days of service, has not received disciplinary action at or above a level 5 in the past 12 months, and/or has no outstanding financial obligations to the agency.

The benevolent committee reserves the right to review submissions on a case-by-case basis for eligibility.

Funding: The Fund is to be financed solely through voluntary contributions by employees and any other person wishing to donate.  Employees may hold fundraising activities such as car washes, bake sales, etc. provided: (i) such activities are approved in advance by the Agency and (ii) 100% of all proceeds raised are made payable to the Fund.  Employees may also make direct contributions through payroll deductions through the Agency Finance Department.  All contributions to the Fund are non-refundable.

Disbursement: Normal disbursement of funds shall not be made until approved by the majority of the Benevolent Fund Committee, with 2/3 of the members voting.  In an emergency case, the HR Director can approve the disbursement of funds.  Applications for disbursements shall be made through the submission of a Request for Funds Form, which is available in the Human Resources Department.  The Benevolent Fund Committee shall review each request and, upon completion of such review, approve or disapprove (in whole or in part) each request.  The Committee may request additional information from the applicant before making its decision.  The Committee has full discretion in approving and disapproving applications for assistance and may consider such things as the relative merits of the request, length of service of the employee, the balance remaining in the Fund, and the number of pending requests for assistance.  All decisions of the Committee are final and not subject to appeal.

Financial Disclosing: Employees should assume that contributions to the Fund are not tax deductible and that payments received from the Fund are taxable, unless the employee has received advice from a qualified tax advisor to the contrary.  The Committee upon request will publish quarterly and annual reports, which will be made available to employees summarizing the Fund balance and disbursements made.


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