AED Registration

Visit our partners at PulsePoint to register your AED. Click Here

Why register your AED with MEDIC?...

All Automated External Defribillators (AEDs) in Mecklenburg County should be registered with MEDIC’s 911 Call Center for quick identification in your business/residence. If an emergency arises and you call 911, MEDIC’s dispatchers can tell you, a coworker or loved one exactly where to find the AED. Therefore, saving time and maybe someone you love. The information that you provide below will be included in the 911 dispatching information.

Need free CPR and AED training? MEDIC also offers free 90-minute CPR and AED awareness training for groups of 10-25 people. For more information, and to schedule a class, contact Lester Oliva at 704.943.6023 or via email at


If you have any questions about your AED, CPR/AED training or would like more information on purchasing AEDs, please contact Lester Oliva at 704.943.6023 or